Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New items!

Hurray they're are 4 new hair styles at the lee shop! Even though i like the before better....


Saturday, February 26, 2011


Hurray it's spring on fantage!
Please comment on what post you would like me to do in the future i take almost all request!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fantage Gems

Everyone knows about Fantage gems. It's just a way to make money off of poor little kids. So when your not a member all you ever really get from playing games is Emeralds, Diamonds, and Black Diamonds, witch are ones you can't use you get rare items with. So by getting all those gems you will want to become a member. Once your a member all you get are Safires! When you revive number one high score on a game your like ooooh i better get a Black Diamond, but no you get all pissed off because you got a Safire! So then you will want to spend your ecoins on gems. Oh and guess what they don't even tell you this but you need to buy three gems with ecoins, you can't mix up your ecoins and regular earned gems combined ><

Here are a few tips to prevent from getting Safires if your a member: Stop at score 4,000 on bubble bug but don't click the door, just wait! Don't try to get high scores because it DOES NOT work the higher the score the better the gem, like it should! PLEASE DON'T BUY GEMS WITH ECOINS! Just get low scores in games because it's better to get the lowest score and get a safire knowing you didn't try then getting a high score and getting a safire when you tried your hardest!Yes as a matter of fact they're arn't any codes on Fantage, because the people are smart enough to know that people like us will post it on the internet. Yes they do give out gems randomly. No we sadly can't stop it. If you know any tricks to getting good gems please leave a comment.
I hoped you enjoyed!

Fantage is Empty

Wow would you look at that Fantage is empty, and this is at 6PM eastern time, just kidding this is fantage at 1:30AM eastern time! Not one sever was full! Here are some pictures i took, because I thought it was slightly interesting. 

Top Models Inc Glitch!

As you can see I am the real winner of this fashion show. This happens occasionally!
I won but i didn't win the last round by 100 points, I don't think this is suppose to happen but it's annoying because it doesn't say I win under my meddles, but i don't really care. Just tell me if this has ever happens to you!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Middle School- Makeup and Boyfriends

I know that I said most my blogs would be about fantage, but I'm not so sure about that
As you can see this blog post is about Middle School, witch I am in... obviously!
They're are a few things that annoy me so this might be a  rant, I'll try not to get to carried away
First of all I don't like it when 6th graders wear makeup. I mean sometimes it's really cute like it's a little bit of pink with some mascara but still. I really don't like it when people wear full on eye liner, I'm thinking in my head "are they trying to look like a slut?" Every one knows they're is middle school dating. I have never had a boyfriend but i don't really care. I think middle school dating is over rated. I remember that in maybe October i was with my friend and she had a boyfriend and I went to visit her locker and she was really upset cause she herd rumors about her boyfriend breaking up with her. I remember I was shaking her saying "He's not going to break up with you!" then he was behind me and broke up with her, she was crying into tears. Some people said he broke up with her because she wanted to have sex with him (but she's like a total catholic) or that she hugged him that morning and he got yelled at for hugging in the hallway. I remember she walked back into the classroom 8th period (study hall at the end of the day) and told the teacher she hit her head on the locker because she was crying LOL, and the teacher bought it!!! I also remember when my X friend (she became really annoying) broke up with her boyfriend she always sang "If i had you" by Adam Lambert being about him and she got really annoying because she kept making broken hearts and she never got over him and she complained "I don't want to go to the STA cause i'll have no one to dance with, or i should dance with myself" (the STA is a school dance that happens once a month) Okay one last story. My friend likes this one guy and she's not the prettiest girl in the wold, she always talks to him then one day she came over my house and  we went on Facebook and I told him that she liked him because she wanted to, but he didn't like her back, and now they never talk to each other.
The meaning of this is Middle school dating is OVER RATED!!!

First post! (I know epic title right)

Heylooo! My name is Jules, and I am brand new to this whole blogging thing ;)
I'm going to do almost all my post on fantage things, like secrets, upcoming news, and more

My user is Cloey22772 on fantage, I'm normally found in severs: Pink cow, Purple Panada, and White seal
I am a premium member :)
But it's still really fun being a non, cause when your a member you buy everything you want in like the first 3 days then it's like ehhhh they're nothing else i really want...or at least i feel this way

Let's get to know a little bit about me
How long have you been on fantage: I've been on since the beginning of January 2011
How old are you: I am 12 years old

Are you an ugly unwanted person: Umm no?
What computer do you have: It's not a popular computer but it's a Compaq made by HP
Do you have a Twitter: Yes it's julezcookie

Do you have a Facebook: yes
Do you have a youtube: Yes I do i luv ♥ youtube my user is splishsplashsploshXD
Who's your favorite youtuber: I have MANY, but i really enjoy ShanedawsonTV, shaytards, Ijustine,
communitychannel, melissaxvouge, allthatglitter21, and juicystar07
Whats you favorite animal: KANGAROO ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE SKY!!!!
Whats your favorite color: All neon colors
What do you want to be when you grow up: I want to be an Artist + Photographer, and then write poetry behind each piece of artwork
Do you play an Instrument: I play guitar

Whats you favorite food: TACOS
Whats your favorite show: Project Runway, Glee, Big Bang Theory and many more

How do you say Goodbye in Hebrew: להתראות שיהיה לך יום יפה